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Bluecrest Health Screening Staff

Who are Bluecrest Health Screening?

Bluecrest Health Screening was founded to fill a gap in the private health screening market for an affordable and convenient option, which does not compromise on high quality or clinical robustness.

Key statements from our Customer Charter

  • Our goal is to help people take control of their health – and we do this by:
    Empowering people with knowledge about their current health status.
  • We want to be known for providing high quality, high value and highly
    affordable health screenings throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • We want to leave people feeling more control of their health with knowledge to help themselves live healthier, happier, longer lives.
  • Our screenings focus on conditions that can show no symptoms in their
    early stages, and we report our findings responsibly.
  • We recognise that no health screening can be 100% perfect and that we cannot guarantee good health for those who have screenings. So, our aim is to give people confidence in their results and the knowledge required to act in accordance with the findings.
  • We will explain the context of all results and what they mean for our customers, even when they appear normal.
  • Our results reports are all at least 16 pages long and we aim to be at the forefront of the sector in empowering people with knowledge about their health status.
  • Where appropriate, our reports aim to inspire and motivate people to live healthier, happier, longer lives.
  • We will put positive results in their proper and relevant context. All results will be compiled (whether from readings at the events, our laboratory or our cardiac physiologist) and sent in a single report to our customers, clearly explaining their meaning and the limitations of any readings.
  • Where results are positive, we will not cause unnecessary worry – and we will offer follow-up support to customers.
  • We help you take control of your health – and do so by empowering you with clear knowledge about your current health status. Your Bluecrest health report put all your results in their proper and relevant context and aims to inspire and motivate you to live healthier, happier, longer lives.

What do Bluecrest Health Screening do?

Bluecrest offers private health screenings at 1,532 different convenient community locations every year. We have several teams dedicated to all regions of the UK ensuring a great choice of appointment times and clinic venues for you.

Screening packages check artery health, heart rhythm (resting ECG), body composition plus a biochemistry check for liver disease, kidney function, cardiovascular health, diabetes, gout and more.

Bluecrest puts you at the heart of decision making, ensuring the company continues to meet and exceed customers expectations.

About the team

Peter Blencowe – Managing Director

Peter is an expert in understanding customer needs and has used his extensive experience in the health sector to mould organisations' health screening, physiotherapy and corporate fitness services around customer demand.

"I set up Bluecrest because I believe passionately about the value of preventive healthcare. I'm proud to say that all our employees share the same passion and strive to deliver the highest standards of customer service too. As part your approach to health and wellbeing, convenient and afforable health screening has the power to help you a live healthier, happier and more productive life. That's what keeps me motivated and drives me out of bed in the morning!"

Alex Higman – Director of Clinical Operations

Alex's considerable Human Resource experience, gained within the health sector, enables him to apply the right strategies to staff training, development and retention; operational delivery and clinical procedure to ensure we deliver excellent customer service.

"I'm really a people person at heart and simply put my job is about getting the best out of people. Without great employees that are engaged with your company and understand your mission getting excellent customer service is little more than a pipe dream. I strive to keep staff motivated and engaged to ensure we achieve the highest standards service delivery".

Anne Jones – Occupational Health Director

As a Registered Nurse with over 30 years' experience in health across the public and business sectors, Anne ensures the clinical standards of our health screening teams is second to none. She also loves random unannounced spot checks to keep everyone on their toes.

"Ill health affects us all from time-to-time but the economic and social consequences of continual poor health has far reaching implications for individuals and their families. I've spent much of my career to-date dealing with these consquences without having a chance to help prevent them. With Bluecrest I can help individuals and organisations plan health strategies and interventions aimed at minimising the underlying risk factors which cause many diseases."

Dr Hubert Bland – Chief Medical Advisor

Dr Hubert Bland is an Executive Pharmaceutical Physician with broad experience in pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical service development. Currently still practicing clinical medicine, with One Hundred Years (a global elite health insurance company) and 76 Harley Street as a Private Physician. His interest is in optimising human health and ensuring that his patients are able to access the highest quality of care.