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Bluecrest Health Screening for heart disease and stroke

August 28, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Bluecrest Health Screening offers an easy way to help avoid a heart disease or stroke

- with some private, painless, local checks:

Why leave your health to chance when you can be in control?

Heart disease, stroke, liver and kidney disease are often called “silent killers” because there can be no warning signs.  Sadly, the first sign of a stroke is normally a stroke itself.  But, according to the World Health Organisation, 80% of strokes can be prevented.

Your painless, private and easy health checks – to help you avoid a future problem: 

  • When you call our UK call centre, one of our friendly assistants will help to find you the most convenient local clinic – normally no more than 10 minutes from your place of work or home (we are one of the nations’ largest providers of health checks, seeing 1,000 people every week, so normally have a clinic nearby wherever you may live in the UK). 
  • On the day of your check-up, you’ll find a pleasant environment – our mobile teams take high-tech screening equipment to convenient local places like Hilton and Marriott hotels (with the exception of our Harley Street clinics, most clinics around the country are in very comfortable non-clinical surroundings). All clinic locations have good parking and transport links. 
  • Your Health Screening Specialist will greet you at your chosen time and invite you into a private consulting room, where you can ask any questions you may wish about your tests.
  • Your tests include the following:
  1. Reduce your risks of heart attack or Stroke: Your artery check looks at the blood flow in your arms and legs for peripheral arterial disease (known as “PAD”).  As you age, your arteries can “clog up” with fatty deposits, and you may notice no symptoms other than occasional pain when walking.  It’s important to know if you have PAD, as without treatment 75% of people with it will suffer a heart attack or stroke.  Your check is painless and simply involves some sensors being placed on your arms and legs.
  2. Check for the number 1 cardiac cause of Stroke: You will also receive a specialist heart check using ECG equipment that electronically transmits information about the rhythm of your heart during the test.  Conditions like “atrial fibrillation” can be intermittent and can cause dangerous clots to form in the chambers of your heart.  If this occurs, they could be released into your blood stream and cause a stroke or lead to vascular dementia Yet, if risks are identified, you can take your detailed report to your GP for preventive measures if appropriate.
  3. Reduce your risks from Liver disease, Kidney disease with a full laboratory profile: When you receive your full laboratory results report, you’ll find over 53 readings about your health, all aimed to put you in control.  Your readings include liver function, kidney function, diabetes risk, calcium levels and gout (inflammatory arthritis) and give you incredible detail about what’s going on inside your body. Again, the focus is on identifying potential health risks which, if spotted early, can be managed or avoided.
  4. Your FREE 10 year heart disease risk assessment Heart disease is the UK’s number 1 killer, and sadly, there are often no warning signs.  Reports aim to put results in context and you will therefore receive a 10 year risk score based on British medical research (not American studies)
  5. FREE lung function check 3 million people in the UK may have undiagnosed COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), so as well as being an indication of your fitness, your lung age and lung function report can help identify potential risks.
  6. Your FREE body composition scan Looking at levels of dangerous visceral fat that can build up around your vital organs and no fewer than 10 metabolic readings, you start to get a really detailed picture of your overall health.

How long does it take?

The checks themselves don’t take very long – and you don’t need to remove any clothing other than your shoes and socks.  After your check-up, our laboratory team and specialists being the job of analysing your results and writing your detailed report. Your report will be at least 16 pages long and explain everything in plain English rather than medical jargon.

£129 for local, convenient, high quality checks

Because Bluecrest Health Screening sees so many customers nationwide and we specialise in health checks, we’re able to charge a fraction of the cost charged by many private hospitals.

What do other customers think?

Bluecrest Health Screening screens 1,000 people every week.  We are a British company and follow UK protocols.  We are proud of the excellent feedback we receive.  As one customer put it; “Both Ken and I were delighted with the Bluecrest staff – overall much better than the company we used last time! We were so impressed with our reports as were our doctors when we took them along to discuss the findings. Ken’s had further tests since, as some of his results were abnormal, but he’s now on medication and we’re both in great health.”

Why wait?

It’s easy to wait for something to go wrong before troubling the doctor, but the effects of many serious conditions can be avoided if you take action early enough.


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