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Bluecrest Health Screening high Quality Clinics including Harley Street

If you’re considering private health screening, you’ll find that a private local Bluecrest check offers you:

  1. Convenience – Bluecrest Health Screening comes to over 1,532 locations nationwide including private clinics at Hilton, Marriott and Holiday Inn locations, ensuring you’re around 10 minutes away from a location. (You won’t find us at non-private Church Halls, but are always assured of a private consulting room staffed by a friendly Health Screening Specialist).
  2. Excellent value – because we perform over 1,000 health screenings every week at local community locations we can offer exceptional value for money. Your results will be analysed by our state-of-the-art laboratory and our cardiac specialists will review your heart rhythm test remotely accessing ECG information from your tests. A package of screenings including full blood profiling and heart rhythm check is just £129 – see here for details.
  3. Quality – our results are comparable to those of leading private hospitals, yet are typically a fraction of the price. For recent customer reviews see

Working out the right check for you is not always as straight-forward as it seems. That's why our team of highly trainsed health advisors are on hand to discuss the options available to you and what suits you best. Have you a family history of heart disease, for example. Do you, or have you ever smoke? How much exercise and alcohol do you drink. All these aspects can affect your choiceand should be considered in line with the right option for you.

Bluecrest Corporate Health Screenings

Many employers offer health screenings as an attractive benefit for their staff. Bluecrest Health Screenings are able to deliver services on-site for maximum staff convenience – or via our network of 1,532 convenient clinics nationwide.

  • We can provide staff, who have particular health issues identified following their assessments, with personal confidential telephone support from a registered General Nurse
  • Furthermore, If we are screening over 100 members of staff, we can summarise the health status of the company in an anonymised report (please note that all employee health data remains confidential – we never share health records with anyone) in which the health status of the company would be reviewed. Depending on the results, appropriate wellness initiatives can then be proposed – really demonstrating a tangible commitment to the care of employee health and wellbeing.
  • On a flexible benefit programme, we would anticipate significantly higher uptake than would normally be obtained via a traditional provider of health screenings, due to the lower cost and greater convenience of Bluecrest clinics.

See here for full details of corporate services