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Bluecrest Proactive Wellness

More and more people are taking a proactive stance to managing their health rather than leaving their health to chance.

There is an widespread appreciation that understanding your risk factors and doing something about them can improve your health outcomes. The NHS “Change for Life” campaign is just one example that provides a wealth of helpful information relating to diet, exercise and lifestyle.


It’s easy to understand the importance of a “balanced diet”, and an appreciation of some simple metrics can help you understand your longer term risk factors. For example, your Bluecrest Health Screening includes, as standard, readings such as cholesterol (“good” and “bad” types of cholesterol rather than just a single reading) as well as glucose levels (relating to preventable diabetes). Plus, your biometric readings look at much more than just BMI, but give a “body composition” scan. This is important because BMI is not the best measurement (some Olympic athletes are classed as “obese” because BMI just looks at weight and height and ignores the fact that muscle weighs more than fat!)


The more you move, the better! There are many health related benefits associated with exercise and it’s right to find the level for you, even if it’s just a regular daily walk.

Lifestyle factors:

There are huge health benefits in quitting smoking. A number of our clients have found our “lung age” a hugely motivational statistic! Plus, an appreciation of other factors like responsible levels of alcoholic drinking. Here’s a useful website to give you an appreciation of what is the right level (it’s sometimes difficult to know what a unit of alcohol is, and “home measures” can be higher than you think!

“Know your numbers”:

Your Bluecrest Health Screening comes with a highly detailed results report explaining all your readings in incredible detail. By understanding your current health status and taking appropriate action as a result, we hope that your report will give you the support and information to help you live a longer, healthier life:

image of bluecrest health screening results report